Monday, February 27, 2012

KidZania, Mutiara Damansara

Pernah dengar KidZania tak? Ini pertama kali saya dengar, bila Iman tunjuk message book dia, educational trip Genius Aulad 29 Mac nanti.

Yuran: RM 70 termasuk transport, breakfast, entrance, snack lunch, souvenir (Dah selesai saya bayar Sabtu lepas)

Setahu saya (selama Iman sekolah di GA), educational trip ni memang aktiviti wajib GA. Tahun ni, mereka pergi Kidzania, bila tgk catatan dalam message book aktiviti mereka di sana nanti, teruja untuk saya lepaskan Iman pergi ... kalau parents dapat pergi, lagi teruja ^__^ Insya-Allah, moga Iman tidak berhalangan pada 29 Mac nanti!


IMAGINE a replica of real city equipped with buildings, shops, theatres, streets as well as businesses and services, made and run by children.

This child-size replica of a real city as the famous indoor educational theme park.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur located in Mutiara Damansara in a new seven-storey building opposite The Curve.

In this theme park, children aged between two and 12, will learn about the adult world as they get involved in role-playing 100 activities at more than 55 establishments.

They will also learn about the value of money as they pay for goods and services with KidZania currency KidZos and choose to experience up to 100 occupations including as pilots, television anchors, surgeons, chefs, firemen and policemen.

While Kidzania is all about children role-playing as adults, Legoland features the vastly popular Lego themed rides for children.

When opening an account at the bank, children will receive real cash cards to be used at ATMs in KidZania. It also has a modern security system and visitors must wear security bracelets that can trace the location of the chidren.

Children can take part in 60 activities over five hours. It will be a one time payment which include the price of other activities.

“KidZania is the brainchild of Ancona, who is a Mexican entrepreneur.

The first KidZania was opened in 1999 in Santa Fe Shopping Mall in Mexico City.

The second opened in Monterrey, also in Mexico, the third is in Tokyo, Japan, and recently another one opened in Osaka in March this year.

The one in Jakarta, Indonesia, opened in November, 2007, while the one in Lisbon, Portugal, was opened in June this year.

More are scheduled to open in Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), Istanbul (Turkey), Santiago (Chile) and also in Seoul (South Korea) in the near future.


mama tim said...

wah blog dah tukar baju baru dieyana..cantek suker..

baru dgr tempat ni..mesti best bawak2 anak2 mesti mahal masuk..huhu..

Iela Fazielah said...

wah..dah tukar rupa baru... terkejut ila... ingatkan salah masuk blog td.. cantik sgt!

So Shy Lady said...

akk dh dgr psal bostead buat kidzania neh. xcited gak lah nk bw bdk2 klau ada ms nnti lgpun t. jauh mn dr rmh ni ;D

Alin Marlini said... kat sebelah Ikea kan...tak tahupun...hehehehe

Lady Rina said...

macam best je..baru tau pasal tempat ni..

Hanis Azla said...

first time dgr pasal tu.. menariknya tmpt tu.. klu ada rezeki boleh bawak anak2 ke sana.. tentu seronok..

Totie@Tomy said...

wah mcm best jerk tempat ni..boleh bawa damia kesana..


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